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Our Concepts

What are the BiCE Restaurant concepts?


We pride ourselves on our family history of creating authentic Italian restaurant experiences all over the world. We have perfectedtthree main restaurant concepts and have repeated these successful models throughout America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Learn more about each distinct concept in the sections below.

ristorante black.png

Excellence & Elegance

Step inside the warm décor of this authentic and elegant, yet relaxed, Italian restaurant where world-class chefs bring together the finest ingredients, and top quality produce, to create an unrivaled dining experience. Each and every honored guest will be pampered by BiCE’s talented and professional staff and will relish their once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. For over 90 years, BiCE Ristorante has delivered a worldly tribute to food, wine and superior customer service. Among the world’s finest Italian restaurants, BiCE makes her home in cities such as Milano, Dubai, Shanghai, Naples, Orlando, New York and Palm Beach – Timeless Dining Since 1926.

mare black.png

Elegance from the Sea

Bring together the freshest of seafood and classic, Italian dining and you’ll experience BiCE Mare. A restaurant with uncompromising vision and distinction – Mare boasts an elegant ocean feel of crisp whites and rich blue tones. An extension of the BiCE Ristorante brand, Mare is an impeccable experience that boasts an evocative, elegant atmosphere for patrons seeking full-service, Italian seafood cuisine created and served without compromise.

cucina black.png

Casual Chic

BiCE Cucina, relaxed and elegant, classic and contemporary, offers memorable dining along with BiCE’s signature friendly and attentive service. To meet the expectations of 2021 diners, classic BiCE Ristorante menu items are supplemented with a variety of equally delicious vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Pinsa, a traditional Roman pizza with a light, airy crust, is served all day, and a menu of small dishes is available for late-evening visitors.

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