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“Restaurants with Passion: Delivering Timeless Dining Since 1926”

As BiCE Ristorante approaches its 100th anniversary, the passion for food and hospitality that inspired Beatrice Ruggeri to open da Gino e BiCE in 1926 is very much alive. Today, as the third generation of the Ruggeri family opens new locations around the world, every bite continues to be infused with the flavor of home.

Beatrice, nicknamed Bice, developed her own culinary skills in the traditional setting of her family home in Tuscany, where she helped raise and feed her nine siblings. Meals were about family and friendship, so it seemed natural that she should later share her favorite flavors and generous hospitality by opening a restaurant in Milan. At home in the kitchen, Bice taught her sons, Remo and Roberto, and then her grandchildren, the secrets of simple, authentic Italian cooking and the essentials of warm Italian hospitality.

Bice’s menu, along with the chic “made in Milan” style, has been part of the mission of each new restaurant, from the second BiCE, opened on the island of Sardinia in 1978, to the most recent, BiCE Cucina, opening in June 2021 in New York City.

Today, the original BiCE Ristorante in Milan is owned, managed, and operated by Remo’s daughters, Roberta and Beatrice Ruggeri. Global growth and operations are handled by Bice’s grandson Raffaele Ruggeri, the CEO of BiCE Group, with the support of his father, Roberto, and his sister Rossella.

To complement the traditional and well-established BiCE Ristorante and to accommodate changing tastes, BiCE Group introduced BiCE Mare in Dubai in 2009. The highly popular restaurant specializes in seafood with a tableside service approach. In 2018, the first BiCE Cucina opened in New York to offer a more casual-chic approach to the Milanese menu and restaurant design.

At each of its carefully selected locations, from Milan to Dubai, Manhattan to Palm Beach, BiCE welcomes local residents along with international socialites, politicians, celebrities, and other affluent world travelers. Each guest enjoys the signature BiCE generosity and warmth, the delectable flavors, the stunning surroundings, and the memorable experience that inspires diners to return again and again—and to seek the BiCE name in cities around the world.

Welcome to BiCE!

BiCE Story


Beatrice Mungai, born in Tuscany


Il Ristorante da Gino e Bice, later called BiCE, opens in Milan


BiCE Ristorante opens in Porto Cervo, Sardinia


BiCE Ristorante opens on E. 54th Street in Manhattan


BICE Ristorante opens in Palm Beach, Florida


BiCE Café Med opens in West Hollywood and Miami


BiCE Ristarante opens in Jumeirah Beach, Dubai


BiCE Sky Bar opens in Hilton Dubai Jumeirah


Roberto Ruggeri named one of the “Outstanding Italians in the World” by the Italian Minister of Residents Abroad


BICE Ristorante opens in Naples, Florida


BICE Ristorante opens in Orlando, Florida


BiCE International Limited established


BiCE Mare opens in Burj Khalifa, Dubai


BiCE Cucina Midtown opens on West 55th Street, midtown Manhattan


BiCE Fine Dining opens in Shanghai


BiCE Cucina Soho opens on Watts Street, Soho, Manhattan


BiCE Ristorante Doha to open in Qatar


100th anniversary of BiCE

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